Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday and happy first work week of the year! Hope it was productive, relaxing, anything you wanted it to be, but most importantly motivating. Let’s make this year a great one, so look back at 2016, reflect on what didn’t work, learn from it and move on, and use what did work to motivate you and propel you towards your goals for this year. I’ve been in decluttering and organizing mode, and taking the steps necessary to start making things happen. Not necessarily big things, just trying to get myself in the right path to start, continue and/or complete whatever needs to be done (work, ideas, decorating, learning, organizing, important appointments…).

Here are some reads and finds for this week, hope you enjoy your weekend!

. An organizer’s strategies for 5 problem areas of the home.
12 apps to help you keep your new year’s resolutions.
. Fitbit’s new collab uses your dna to create your perfect diet.
. The genius deck helps reset your brain when you’re stuck on a problem (explanation here).
8 insanely easy things you can do today to improve your landscape photography.
. A simple test you can do at home to see if your workout is doing anything for you.
30 things you finally need to get done on your home this month.
. Best decor items at Ikea under $50.

. This candle smells AMAZING!
. Now that my moisturizer is almost finished I’m thinking of finally giving this brand a go. Thinking of ordering this and this. Anyone a fan of these products?
. What a cute sweater and can we talk about these?
. Remember I mentioned I wanted to get these? I did and I LOVE them 🙂
. Get 40% off select women’s items at J.Crew (most already reduced). Pretty bummed this is not included, but this and this is. Same as this (I’ve been wearing it non-stop because it doesn’t swallow you) and my favorite tee from 2016.
. You can never have too many of these, well, I can’t 😉
. I’m really into this dress.