Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! School started on Monday so this was the first “official” work week of the year for me and it felt good to back in full blogging mode. Hope your week was good and that you’re off to an amazing weekend! Here’s a list of reads and finds, enjoy!

. How to wake up earlier, with minimal misery.
27 cheap ways to upgrade your home.
. The secret to decorating with throw pillows like a pro.
7 productive things you can do while waiting in long lines.
Comfort food recipes that won’t spoil your New Years detox.

. Get 50% off bags and shoes at Madewell. Perfect time to snatch a pair of everyday booties (LOVE these and these are great too) or a classic tote. But hey, they also have the cutest winter boots on sale (Sorels included). These (love love love) and these are perfect for weekends and road trips, these weatherproof ones and these warm looking ones.
. Banana Republic: Get 40% off regular price items and 50% off all sale! Loove these (in both colors), this such a beautiful dress, here’s a classic black top coat half the price, here’s a scarf I need and a super cool one.
. Sooo this tote is on sale!
. 3 bags I’m loving: this (I have it in black and love it), this and this (the pictures don’t give it justice, saw it in person and it’s gorgeous!).
. Extra 40% off all sale at Anthropologie.  Oh boy, where to begin? If you like copper: this! If you like gold accents: this and this. If you like marble: this (want!). Annnd the most delicate set!
. Hoping that these go on sale someday….