Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! How is the month going for you so far? And how are you doing with this list? These past two weeks have been busy because I’ve been trying to get all those appointments out of the way and be done with them before February is here. So far so good! With a hair appointment and my eye exam in the next couple of days I’ll be able to cross off everything on the list, yay! Don’t wait until “the right time” is here and just book your appointments, purge your closet, start eating healthier and do everything you can to have a great start to the year 🙂

. You should never skip brushing your teeth.
12 things to stop doing right now if you want to be successful in 2017.
. Feeling pain or tightness in shoulders, neck or wrists from sitting all day at your desk? Try these simple 7 stretches.
20 enlightening quotes from a Japanese Zen Master that will shift your perspective on life.
. Common mistakes to avoid in a small space.
. Nutella: deconstructed.

. Just got these and can’t wait to wear them!
. If you’re looking for a great bag, there’s a bunch of amazing Loeffler Randall ones on super sale over here (my faves: this one and this one).
. A lace-up tee for less than $20 right this way and a re-invented striped one here.
. Great jacket!
. Into mules? These look great (in both colors) and are under $50! Hmmmm I need to try these!
. Cutest gloves.
. Closet staple for less.