Shopping File: Best Purchases of 2016

Looking back at last year’s purchases I have to say that I feel pretty good about my shopping approach and the priorities I set for certain items needed to fill in gaps in my wardrobe. While I’m on board with experimenting and having fun with trends and anything that makes you happy, there’s nothing like covering the basics before stepping into the trendy arena. If you’re wondering how did these made the top 12 best purchases, I based the list mainly on wearability and how each had the ability to complete many different outfits. Let me get into more detail:

As you can see, everything is pretty classic and nothing extraordinarily trendy, which proves that classics not only never go out of style but they do ground your wardrobe and bring everything together. Next time you are about to drop some cash on a super trendy item, think about the times you’re going to wear it and how exactly are you planning on doing so. Can you wear it three different ways? Does it tie in with the rest of the pieces in your closet? Is there potential to carry it over from one season to the next? And most importantly, have you covered your needs?

Here’s why these were the best acquisitions of 2016:

ONE – Talula Faux Suede Jacket: I bought this jacket right between Winter and Spring and it quickly became a favorite. The texture is amazing (so soft), the fit is great and the color goes great with anything. This one in particular sold out but if you’re looking for a similar one, I love this one, this one and this draped version (I have it in Bone, fits true to size).

TWO – J.Crew Deck-Striped Tee: I’m sure that I’m not the only one that constantly reaches for black and white striped tops, right? This particular t-shirt is one of my favourites if not my favourite (I wear it every week!). Even though it says navy on the description, I find it to be very close to black; in fact, I bought it in the store and didn’t realize it was navy until I saw it online. Fits a bit large so I would size down.

THREE – Mackage Rumer Leather Jacket: I have no idea how I went so long without a leather jacket; I wear this jacket with everything! It took me years to find the right one at the right moment and I will never regret pulling the trigger on this one. It instantly adds a cool factor to any look and toughens up the most feminine of all dresses.

FOUR – Madewell 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Sea: I’m a big fan of Madewell jeans and these are definitely my favourite pair. The color (more like a very dark grey rather than black), the distressing and the fit is spot on. They sit perfectly at your waist and don’t stretch out too much. They also come in this wash (on my radar!).

FIVE – J.Crew Vintage Short-Sleeve Pajama Set: I had my eyes on this set for a long time and I’m glad I got it because it is comfy, fresh and easy to care. Comes in two more colors in case you’re not a fan of whites and there’s also a long-sleeve version 😉

SIX: Citizens of Humanity Rocket Hi-Lo Hem High Rise Skinny Jeans: So these jeans were on sale at Anthro and given that I’m big fan of Citizens I couldn’t pass the deal at 50% off their original price. The uneven hem was a bit of a surprise since it was not the reason why I got them (I mean, how easy is it do DIY right?) but I do loooove it and it was a great plus (no complains!). Again, just like the Madewell jeans, they sit right at a comfortable level and I love the fit (been wearing them non-stop!).

SEVEN – Community Paradigm Parka: For two years I wore a Madewell parka that I’m sure wasn’t made with Canadian winters in mind (I had to layer up like crazy), so earlier this year (if I recall correctly) I decided that it was time to get a proper winter jacket and man does it fell good! Some Aritzia parkas fit a bit like Zara clothes, you know, intended for super long and skinny people, but this one fits amazing and you can either cinch it at the waist or just leave it as is. Highly recommend it.

EIGHT – Madewell Dawnlight Maxi Dress in Artisan Floral: I could wear this dress everyday and I’m not kidding! So easy to throw on and so easy to pair with booties, sandals, anything goes with this dress. I’ve worn it with a cardigan, alone, with my leather jacket, a chunky sweater…. probably my favourite dress (it’s on sale fyi).

NINE – Wilfred Cocoon Coat: Another super classic piece my wardrobe was in need for was a black wool coat so I took advantage of a sale and some gift cards I had and covered this wardrobe staple.

TEN – Zac Zac Posen Shopper: If you don’t own a black tote please do yourself a favour and get one as soon as you can. This style of bag not only goes with look (dressy, casual, sporty..) but it fits whatever you need to carry. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have other great bags I should wear but this one is just too easy to carry!

ELEVEN – Ugg Adirondack Waterproof Insulated Winter Boot: Winter boots are my least favourite style of shoes to wear; I find them all too big and bulky, but alas, they are a necessity and there’s nothing like being properly dressed for cold days out. I love how warm these keep my feet and they are not incredibly big.

TWELVE – Le Chateau Strap Sandals (sold out, similar, similar): I knew I needed black strap sandals but I never thought I would be wearing these so much. Black pumps and black strap sandals are definitely a must-have. Once you cover those then move onto nude, you’ll see how versatile they are!