Life File: 3 Weekly Beauty Rituals You Should Adopt

Today I want to talk about three beauty rituals we should all be doing on a weekly basis. Three simple things to take better care of ourselves 🙂

1. Get your nails done. Whether you go to a salon, or do them your own (I try to do mine every week, usually Sunday night before going to bed) there’s nothing like looking at your hands and seeing your nails looking pretty. I know it sounds a bit superficial, but there’s something about having your nails done that lifts you up, don’t you agree? An easy feel-good-remedy of some sorts. Just recently I started to apply a base coat and gel setter and the difference is pretty big; they not only look better but they do last longer. My go-to nail polishes are soft pinks and blush tones, and I particularly love Essie  Ballet SlippersLace Me Up, and Romper Room.

2. Apply a face mask. Ladies, we need to take care of our skin and a little bit of pampering doesn’t take much time and it does go a long way. Masks have become very popular in the last few years so there are a lot of options in the market. Having said that, I personally love the ones from Fresh, and highly recommend Sugar Polish, Rose Face Mask, and Black Tea Perfecting Mask. I have yet to try their overnight version but it sounds promising (and has lots of good reviews and likes!)

3. Take care of your feet. We need to pay attention to our feet if we want to keep them looking nice and healthy. Therefore, every week, after a warm shower, apply a rich and moisturizing lotion (this one is my favourite) after a good scrub with a pumice stone or foot file. I like to wear socks right after to lock in the moisture. I have also read that coconut oil works wonders, so you could give that a try!

Three simple beauty rituals that not only calm the mind but make your skin look better in the process!