Life File: Two Easy Low Bun Hairstyles Anyone Can Master

Before discovering t3 micro (anyone else a fan?!) I used to be a wash-and-go type of gal, even my hairdryer was acquired not that long ago (couple of years maybe?) but now I really enjoy straightening and curling my hair to give it a little lift and feel more put-together (I seriously can’t live without this and this). And as you have probably noticed, I’ve also been enjoying working with my pal Aylin who, luckily for me, likes to play with my hair 🙂 Well, today we bring you two super easy low bun hairstyles for those days when you just don’t have the time to do your hair and need a quick fix. Usually, when I have a bad-hair-day and don’t have time to straighten it I throw on a hat or cap and call it a day, but I love these simple hairstyles Aylin did on me to show me how great they look with a hat. Keep on reading for the easy 4 steps of each!

Secure your hair into a ponytail and twist the strand on itself until all your hair is wrapped into a bun. Grab the last few inches of hair and pull them through the center of the bun towards your head and secure with a bobby pin. If you need a strong hold create an “X” with bobby pins when securing.

There are two easy ways to create this:
1. Comb your hair and braid your hair into a low ponytail. Take the braid and wrap it around itself. Secure with bobbypins.
2. Comb your hair and create a middle part at the back. Divide hair in two and braid each strand. Leave one braid down and take the other to wrap it around. Secure it. Take the other braid and wrap it around. Secure.

Tip 1: For a fuller look, loosen the braids a bit by carefully pulling them out and secure any hairs peeking out with bobby pins (if necessary).

Tip 2: Use Bumble and Bumble Does it All Light Hold if you want a flexible hold but don’t really like the crunchy feel on your hair 😉