Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your day is off to a good start! After four years of wearing the same glasses I finally got my prescription updated (still need to get some new frames) and I decided to give contact lenses a try because let me tell you, running without being able to see clearly and sharp is not fun at all. If I have ran pass you and didn’t say hello now you know why. I can’t believe how badly my vision was and how amazing it is to wear contacts. Though, in all honesty, it’s been quite a learning process; just when I thought that putting them on was difficult….taking them off has been a whole new level. Learning, progressing, enjoying the benefits, and most importantly, facing the fear of touching my eyeballs everyday 😉

Wishing you all a great weekend and don’t forget, squeeze in a healthy sweat, you’ll feel better 🙂

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. The cutest top.
. Get extra 30% off all sale at J.Crew. If you’re headed somewhere warm this dress and this one would be super cute for the beach or pool (and not bad for $40). Here’s a super cute top to dress up, this is definitely something to wear in Spring (closet staple), and if you like stripes, you can’t go wrong with this 😉
. Get 25% off al dresses at Anthropologie. This one is sooo delicate and pretty, this one is perfect for this weather with tights, booties and some layers, and this one has a fun hem!
. Extra 30% off sale at Club Monaco. This coat is sooooo good!
. Ohhhh loving these and these!
. Up to 40% off at Banana. Get these, you won’t regret it, I promise 🙂