Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday! Hope you all enjoyed the short week 🙂 My little one was sick yesterday so it was a so-so productive kind of day. Looking forward to the weekend and to more warm weather! Here’s the list of reads and finds for this week, hope you enjoy your weekend!

. 5 photographer mistakes to avoid.
. The most common things people are doing wrong in the gym, according to 12 top personal trainers.
. 5 steps to a spring-ready home.
. The secret Sunday food prep tips of celeb chefs.
Here’s the exact time of day when you’re least productive.
. The main reason we compare ourselves.

. The most beautiful sleeve detail on this top (comes in white too). And if you like florals….this!
. Two trends in one, love these though they have more of a Fall feel than Spring to them, right? Yes? No?
. Perfect Summer accessory.
. Obsessed with these booties, obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!
. These are so perfect for Summer! Wear them with skinny jeans, denim short, dresses, pretty versatile!
. Oh I really want/need this!!! I mean, serisouly, how perfect?!
. The latest arrivals from Madewell are so good. Some faves include this, this, this and this.