Fashion File: Trending – The Cult Gaia Bamboo Bag

I bet that if you follow at least 5 fashion bloggers you have seen this bag more than once? Even though it was first introduced in 2013, it wasn’t until last year when it started to gain more attention and this year it has gained so much popularity that it is hard not to spot it on Instagram even if you try to. The ark bag comes from fashion brand Cult Gaia and even though you might think this is a picnic bag, these ladies below will prove you wrong. This bag goes with absolutely everything: from fall ensembles to modern black and white looks, the versatility of this bag just keeps on going.

Images by: Always Judging | Always Judging | The Chriselle Factor | Gal Meets GlamCrystalin Marie | A Cup of Jo | Atlantic Pacific | Atlantic Pacific | Crystalin Marie | Atlantic Pacific | Could I Have That