Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday!! I have to be honest, between the time change and the snowstorm on Monday, my week was kind of off its regular path, anyone else had the same? I’ve also been busy finishing decorating and I feel like it has been such a long process! But I’m getting closer! I ordered this for my living, I’m expecting a pair of these for my bedroom (YAY!), I’m hoping Ikea gives me a refund for my old dresser (it was recalled) so that I can get a new one (already know the DIY twist I’ll do to it, super simple though), I’ve been working with Minted on finalizing some art for my dining…and this weekend I’ll hopefully get my new pendant and curtains hung. Progress….although I still need to check some things off the to-do list!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and let’s hope Winter gets the Spring memo!

. Guilt-free cookie dough, yes, healthy. And if you’re into clean sweets then you’d probably enjoy this (I need to pick it up!).
. 9 things to cut out of your life to be healthy.
. 5 healthy evening habits you can start right now.
. The best workouts depending on what results you want.
20 cheat sheets for when you’re trying to eat a little healthier.
. What are the best snacks before bedtime.
. The foods you should never eat for breakfast.

. I would love (and I’m sure my closet too) to step up my shoe game with these, these and these. Just saying…
. Obsessed with this dress!
. Anthro members get 20% off regular price items! Where do I begin?? Well, if you like dresses, I’m in love with this one and this one. Jumpsuits? this one (oh yes please!), this one and this one. Skirts? this one and this one (similar but different). And how cute would this top look with high-rise jeans or a pencil skirt?
. Sometimes it just takes a simple detail to elevate a basic, this is so cute!
. The perfect sandal for Summer, on sale!
. Get 20% off your entire order at West Elm! I love these!
. Love these! And talking about denim, these are coming back in case you haven’t noticed yet. More here and here. See?
. If you don’t own one of these, go pick one up! This one is $34 🙂