Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! Happy to be back to regular posting schedule here after a week of some serious technical problems. I basically lost some important files and photos and spent the whole week trying to retrieve them, thank Goodness for good friends who don’t mind staying up very late to help you out. I couldn’t get them all back but was able the save the majority which is better than nothing so grateful for that! Lesson learned: back-up your files! Have a physical backup and a web one, ok?

Anyway, here some reads and finds I wanted to share with you, hope you have a great weekend!

5 daily habits of the brightest and happiest people.
. Burn major calories with this 12-minute treadmill workout.
. There’s a good productivity tip in this interview.
10 lunches to make for work without actually cooking anything.
. How many steps to take a day to keep your metabolism balanced.

. Cute top and perfect cut-offs for Summer.
. Get 30% off your purchase at J.Crew. Some faves: this super cute number, this, and these.
. Get extra 25% off sale items at Anthropologie. Three gorgeous tops worth checking out: this one (love the ruffled detail), this one and this one.
. Been looking at mini bags lately because I would really like a light colored one for Spring like this one.
. I can’t take this dress off my mind!
. LOVE this top!
. I’d describe this as 80% classic, 20% trendy 😉