Outfits File: Stepping into Spring with Loft

So it pretty much took a partnership with Loft to get me right into Spring mode and in all honesty, I’m not mad at all! I went looking for this dress and this one but couldn’t find them so I tried on bunch of other stuff and this outfit was the winner. I can’t tell you enough how obsessed I am with this lace-up sweater, such a great knit for Spring and Summer (I’ve worn it three times in the last week, not kidding). Annnnnd I’m also obsessed with the cargo jacket I found. Fits true to size but I bought it size M for an oversized look 😉 Also happy to have found a pair of white jeans, although it wasn’t until I got home that I realized they also carry these and these (I didn’t see them in the store, oh well nothing that some scissors can’t handle). I also tried on this dress and it looked great with the jacket (sadly my size was sold out) and I can’t believe I didn’t pick up a pair of sunnies (my friend Sarah and I always say that they carry great ones and so well-priced, I love these). Well, I hope you enjoy these, we took a bunch (ok A LOT) and because they scream Spring I had a hard time narrowing them down 😉

WEARING: Lace-up Sweater | Modern Skinny Jeans in White | Twill Utility Jacket