Life File: Tips for Creating the Perfect Soft Beachy Waves

If there’s something I love during the warmer months is a good soft-waves look (even better if you’re pairing it with lace tops and boho dresses don’t you think?), so today I’m sharing the basic steps and tips from my friend Aylin to creating the perfect natural-looking beachy waves. Keep reading for the simple steps and key tips for achieving that perfectly tousled look 😉

1. The constant use of hairdryers and hot hairstyling tools can damage your hair so make sure you apply a product to protect it and prevent breakage.Two great products for this are PHYTOKÉRATINE Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray and Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray.

2. Make you sure you dry your hair thoroughly. If you don’t use a hairdryer then wait until your hair is completely dry.

3. Use a curling wand or straightener to curl/twist your hair (my favourites are this one and this one). If you’re after a beach-inspired look use a straightener in lieu of a curling iron as it will give you a softer look. Make sure you twist away from your face and go down holding the straightener in a vertical position rather than the horizontal way you’d normally position it to straighten your hair. Don’t forget to alternate directions when using your wand so that the waves don’t fall into a pattern; remember, you want natural-looking waves 😉

4. Run your fingers through your hair as soon as the waves are set to break them and loosen them up for a natural and soft look.

5. Finish it off with a saltwater-based mist (love this one) or hairspray (absolute fave!) to hold and prolong the look.