Decor and Interiors File: DIY Paint Challenge with Canadian Tire

Today I’m sharing a super simple way to freshen things up around your home. I’ve heard multiple times that a fresh coat of paint does wonders and even if the change is not very dramatic you can’t deny that there’s no easier way to spruce things up, right? My walls have been begging for some care and I can’t even tell you the amount of holes on my dining and living room walls that need to be covered. I have a sconce that needs to be hung but until I fix the wall and paint it I can’t and I have been putting it off for months! So, to get me into the “painting” spirit I took Canadian Tire‘s challenge and decided to start small with one of my dining room walls. 

You might remember that epic helicopter ride? I had the opportunity to choose a paint colour from the skies (no, I’m not kidding!) and I’m so happy how everything turned out! I loved that I didn’t have to use any primer and two coats were more than enough to get the right finish. 

I decided to go with Lightest Grey (shocking I know), and only applied two coats (colour number is PR16RO8 and the paint is from their Premier Infinity Collection, in case you’re interested). The change is not dramatic at all and you’ll probably have a hard time spotting the difference (before and after at the end) but let me tell you, you can definitely tell in person and the colour I chose is exactly what I was looking for. A subtle but much needed change that got me into shelf-decorating (I have styled those shelves like a million times!), and now I’m most likely painting my dining and living in the same colour. Here’s how the wall looks now, though I’m still waiting for some frames to arrive so this will change again!