Decor & Interiors File: Home Decor Updates

Today I want to share some home decor updates! I feel like I’ve been decorating for ages but I’m getting closer to having it all done (finally!) and it feels so good! I made some progress a couple of weeks ago and then had to take a break to focus on other things but I’m now determined to get this place in shape 🙂 Things that still need to get done: paint the living and dining (will tackle that this weekend), hang a frame in the powder room, style the dining shelves, hang a sconce in the living (ready to be hung as soon as I paint), figure out the art for the dining (it’s been in the works)… I’ll get there people! In the meantime here are some updates and items that have seriously changed things for good around here 🙂

After years of broken drawers I picked up a new dresser from Ikea (there was a recall so I only paid the difference, yay!) and instead of going with the same style I decided to go with the double version and LOVE it! I feel that the drawers have been reinforced for all the newer styles so hopefully they won’t sink and break like they did in my old one. Oh, the pulls are from Ikea too, in case you were wondering 🙂 (scroll down for photo).

I finally changed my dining table for a white one and it’s been THE BEST! My old one was too dark for the space and I really wanted something light and airy and this one from Structube ticked all the boxes. So so happy with it! Highly recommend checking out their options, I considered this one and this one (not white but love the legs). 

Obsessed with this whole line of Essie polishes, so so good! If you like nudes and blushes you’ll love it.

This wall is getting a makeover as I’m planning on painting it light grey to make everything pop up a bit (there are two white shelves leaning on to it and everything in them is pretty neutral). If I like how it looks I might paint the dining and living the same color. I’ll keep you posted!

New dining room pendant that needs to be centered. I’ve been receiving lots of compliments on it and let me tell you, it’s not that expensive!

The wall you see at the back is the one I’m planning on painting light grey.