Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy start to the weekend everyone! This week I’ve been distracted with all the sad events in Venezuela (for those of you who don’t know, that’s where I am from!). The country has had it with the masked dictatorship and the insanely corrupted government (not to name the long list of problems at so many inhuman levels) and it’s fighting for democracy and human rights. People have taken the streets to protest and express their frustration and what should be a peaceful protest has turned into a fight for life as the national guard has been responding attacking those who show the slightest sign of being against the government with such brutality that would make you sick to watch (they run military vehicles over people, throw tear gas to people who are drowning, it is not pretty at all and it’s not easy to watch).

There’s a shortage of common and basic goods and medicines; flour, milk, eggs, antibiotics, just to name a very VERY few, are hard to find. People are dying because there are no medicines to treat common health conditions, children are left unattended at hospitals because there are no supplies and people are hungry. Inflation is expected to reach 700% this year. Two apples make up for 15% of a monthly salary. It is crazy. (here’s a good video to watch to understand).

So today I ask, if you have a moment and perhaps $5 to spare, to go to Amazon and under registries type “sosmedicinasvenezuela” (here’s a link). There’s a wish list of basic goods that are urgent and you can choose to send whatever you like and are able to. Your kindness would be so much appreciated! Thanks in advance, the very least I can do is spread the word and send help in any way I can.

Here’s what I had compiled earlier this week, hope you have a great weekend and let’s be grateful for being able to live in country where there’s freedom of speech and where the law and human rights are respected.

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. Such a great dress for a beach getaway! Did someone say Riviera Maya? 😉
. Get 25% off on select items at J.Crew. This is the cutest (such a fun twist!), this is a no-brainer, and consider this (top and bottom) your beach/pool go-to!
. Get extra 30% off Sale items at Anthro. This is perfect to dress-up any look, and this rug looks super cool.
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. If you need a going-out top, consider this one.
. The perfect Summer bag (that is not a beach tote) for less than $100, (comes in black too!).