Shopping File: The Ultimate Sunglasses Guide

When it comes to shades I tend to be all over the place, I can see how a great pair of sunglasses can definitely be worth the splurge but also believe that you can find amazing and fun styles for much less. I guess it also depends how you treat them and what are they intended for. If you are one of those who is always loosing them then there’s no point on spending on an expensive pair, you’re better off with an affordable style that doesn’t hurt much loosing and that is easy to replace. If you’re looking for a new addition for these warm months here are 28 to consider. I have included some brands that I love and own. Ray-Bans are really good classics, Quay are fun and affordable, Toms give back to the community (I have these and are super light), Illesteva are super cool and made in Italy (I have these with silver mirrored lenses and always get compliments), and Karen Walker makes some pretty rad and modern styles (I have these).

1. Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses | 2. Quay Classic Mirrored Aviators | 3. J.Crew Betty Sunglasses | 4. Illesteva Palm Beach Sunglasses | 5. Karen Walker Dancer Sunglasses | 6. Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses | 7. Toms Rey Sunglasses | 8. Toms Chelsea Blue Sunglasses | 9. Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses | 10. Quay Paradiso Sunglasses | 11. Quay Circus Life Sunglasses | 12. Miu Miu Aviators | 13. Illesteva Wynwood II Sunglasses | 14. Illesteva Palermo Sunglasses | 15. Madewell Nashville Sunglasses | 16. Madewell Sunglasses | 17. River Island Sunglasses | 18. Karen Walker Disco Circus Sunglasses | 19. Quay Round Sunglasses | 20. Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses | 21. Illesteva Leonard II Sunglasses | 22. Madewell Memphis Sunglasses | 23. Toms Maverick Sunglasses | 24. Toms Adeline | 25. Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses | 26. Toms Jarrett Sunglasses | 27. Oliver Peoples Remick Sunglasses | 28. Quay French Kiss Sunglasses