DIY File: Color Blocked Pom-Pom Basket

I’ve been meaning to tackle this DIY for a while, and finally took some time this week to get it done! I had some leftover paint from the wall I painted (remember?) so I used that and a pom-pom ribbon to add some flair and give an old basket a new life 🙂 This was super easy and I love how it turned out. Whereas you have an old basket or a new cheap one you want to transform, you certainly don’t have to be super crafty to make this happen. Continue reading for the easy steps and before/after photos!

This is what you’ll need in case you feel inspired to do it too:
– Clear glue.
– Masking tape.
– Paint (I used leftover paint from a previous project). I have worked with these paints before and they are great (plus the range of colors is amazing).
– Brush.
– Pom-Pom trim (I got mine at Michael’s, and I found a very similar here too in case you can’t find it). Tassels would also look really cute 😉
– A piece of yarn.

STEP ONE: Use the tape to outline the portion you want to paint. Since the basket is round I suggest you use multiple small pieces to create an even line (have you ever taped a round surface? it’s pretty hard to keep it straight right?! I find that small pieces help). I used the blue portion of my basket for reference but you can make it wider or narrower depending on your liking!

STEP TWO: Using the paint and brush, cover the desired area. Make sure you start at the sides and leave the bottom for last; this way you can place your hand and rest it on it while you paint. I applied two coats, so I waited about 2 hours after the first one to apply the second one. Then I left it dry overnight. 

STEP 3: Use the glue to stick the pom-pom trim around it. As you can see, it’s ok if some part of the basket was not covered as the trim will cover it. Make sure you press down hard the trim so that it stays on place. 

STEP FOUR: Wrap the yarn around the handles and secure with glue at the ends. You can cover the handles entirely or just do a “striped” pattern like I did. No rules! 

Annnnd there you have it. A color blocked pom-pom basket to use for pillows, magazines, shoes, toys, throws, as a planter… baskets are so versatile, aren’t they?!