Life File: Recent Highlights

I was going to title this post “Life Lately” but then realized that the photos were not exactly a complete representation of my life lately. These are the highlights, the things I focus on, the rest is weeks of not much sleep, lots of work, lots of balancing and running around trying to get things done and multitasking, heaps of multitasking! Oh and days where I’m in my running clothes all day until I get to shower at night. I run at 7:45 am by the way, eek! Anyone else also struggling lately because the last couple of months have been super busy? I don’t complain though, work is good, and it’s just all part of the job 🙂

So, having said this, below are some highlights I wanted to share with you before I jet off to Mexico with my little travel buddy. My cousin and his family are flying from Colorado (where they live) and I’m finally going to meet them in person! I haven’t seen my cousin in 10 years or so and even though I have never met his wife in person we have a really strong relationship, isn’t that funny? I wish you all a great weekend and stick around because I’ll keep the regular schedule going (well, that’s the plan!).

I added this Narciso perfume (it was a gift) to my Chloé collection and I’ve been loving the feminine and sweet (but light) scent. I love my Chloé perfumes so much that getting into the “club” is not that easy, so trust me when I say that this is a good one and that it would make a really great gift. 

I’ve also been keeping the body lotion on my bedside table; and as you can see, my favorite nail polishes are any and all blush/soft pink ones from Essie 🙂 I’ll share my faves soon for those of you interested!

I spent a weekend in Killarney two weeks ago and it was heaven!!! If you like nature and being outdoors doing any kind of sport, then this is the place to go. I spent the whole weekend running, hiking, biking and kayaking. Pure bliss! (more to come soon!)

I’ve been drinking tea like crazy lately (the lack of sleep people!), and I’m loving this oversized cup (that can also be used for soup!) from Art & Manufacture (remember I talked about them here?). 

The fact that is microwave safe is a big plus for me as on occasions I forget about it and let it get cold. Sometimes I’d even turn on the kettle and forget that I was making tea, haha. 

Anyone else enjoying lilacs? I’ve never seen so many in one spot before except for the town of Killarney. It was amazing to run by them and take in their beautiful scent.

Went to Aritzia’s Fall Preview the other day and among the things I loved (well, what do I don’t love from them!), was this tee. Reads Féminin 🙂 I’ll be looking for this one once it hits stores!

Here’s a little sneak from the Braid 101 event I hosted with my friend Aylin (full post to come once I receive the photos from Heidi, these were just some snaps I took). We had Paula Lee make those place cards (aren’t they beautiful!?) and custom comb cookies by Le Dolci. Can’t wait to show you more!

We were lucky to work with some amazing brands for the event. Emily from Threads and Blooms made some gorgeous arrangements, Bare Minerals sent us some of their new statement lipcolors (my fave is the Dirty Pastel Pink), and Fresh sent us their new lip treatment perfecting wand to try 🙂 I’m sure I’m going to love it because I haven’t tried one single product from Fresh I don’t like or use on the regular. 

I bought these Kaanas slides and I will be taking them to Mexico for sure!! I find that Kaanas shoes run a bit small, so if you’re in between sizes, go with the next size up (I’m usually an 8 1/2 and the 9 fits perfectly). Also, I scored these Loeffler Randall Pom Pom Sandals for half their price!! Get them here!! Some sizes are even 70% off! 

Kicked off Summer with an amazing picnic hosted by Grey Goose. They brought a chef all the way from Paris for this!! And yes, the food was delicious!

Swooning over these coral/blush/pink blooms!

Spent last weekend in Cedar Ridge Camp doing more of what I love the most, outdoor activities, all day. The views were spectacular, the 23 mosquito bites? worth it 😉

Enjoying peony season until it lasts!!

Hiking in Sudbury two weekends ago. Views were insane!