DIY File: Side Braided Messy Low Bun Hair Tutorial

The last time my friend Aylin came over to my place we gave some hairstyles a shot and I absolutely  love how this one turned out. It’s the perfect boho-chic warm-weather look to keep your hair out of your face and not have to worry about it; plus, it’s actually super easy to make. I love how it’s both effortless and graceful, making it the perfect way to complete a low-key boho look just as a dressy cocktail ensemble. Below are the simple steps, hope you like it! And if you have any questions just shoot!


1. Part your hair on one side and braid a front section in a regular braid.

2. Secure with a clear elastic.

3. Pull out the braid to create a fuller and more romantic look.

4. Gather the rest of your hair and tie it to the side without pulling your hair completely through the elastic to create a “bun”. 

5. Wrap the braid around the bun’s elastic and secure with bobby-pins. 

6. Pin any loose strands around the bun to create a messy look and spritz some hairspray to hold the hairstyle together.