Life File: 6 Things to do in Windsor plus Lessons of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want share with you two things: the first is an article I wrote for Porter about 6 things you should definitely NOT miss if you travel to Windsor. I honestly didn’t know there were so many great things to do there and never even considered the city as a fun place to visit, but after spending a weekend there, my views have completely changed. Trust me, I loved what I found and I’m sure you will too so head over to read about it 😉 

The second is some sort of new series I will be sharing on the blog, some sort of weekly “life lessons” that I’d like to share as I think you might get inspired, motivated or simply relate 😉 

If there’s something I’m aware of and that I’m sure you all have heard, is that no matter what people say, if you put your mind to something, you will make it happen. It’s all about the will and the determination. How badly do you want something? How important is it for you? Make it a priority and trust me, it will happen. I got a little reminder of that on Wednesday morning, it’s a silly example but it shows that if you’re determined to make something happen you WILL power through. This is what happened:

. I stay up until 3 am working.

. Alarm goes off at 6:30 am –> “I need 10 more min”. I hit snooze.

. Alarm goes off again at 6:39 am –> “10 more minutes”. I hit snooze, or so I think…

. Alarm goes off at 7:29 am –> “IT’S 7:29 AM???!!!!! We are not going to make it to school!!!!!”

. First thought: “I’ll have to walk Matthew to school, there’s no freaking way I can get up brush my teeth, get dressed, wake him up, make sure he gets dressed, goes to the bathroom, make breakfast, make sure he eats it, pack a lunch and be downstairs for the school bus in 9 minutes, NO WAY.”

. Second thought: “There’s plenty of time to walk Matthew to school but if you do so you won’t be able to run today, you are meeting with Victoria and have to shower and pack a bag”.

. Third thought: “NO RUN? HELL NO!”

. Fourth thought: “9 minutes to get it done, this is happening baby”.

And boy IT DID happen. In 9 minutes, nine. 7:41 am, day had barely started and I learned that what I thought was impossible was actually possible, very possible. How was I able to accomplish it? one word: DETERMINATION. Sure it would have been easier to take it slow and walk him over, but would that have been an efficient use of my time? No. With no other time to get my run in I had no option. In most cases (I do know there are exemptions) we have time to get done more things than what we think, but we either procrastinate, are lazy, or simply don’t believe in ourselves. If we get up and start MOVING and use our time better, we will start seeing results. That morning experience is just an example to show you how putting your mind to something, no matter what it is, can lead you places, can turn the impossible into possible. Focus your energy, thoughts and actions on your goal and trust me, you will get there. Where there’s will-power and determination, there’s action. Where there’s action there’s progress, and progress (no matter how small) leads to success. Now, go get after it!