Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy start of the weekend everyone! I’ve been following the news about hurricane Irma all week and I’m hoping some kind of miracle happens because it doesn’t look good at all. Been thinking about the friends and family I have there and how scary it must be to be waiting for destruction to happen. Nature is not having it lately…

Got some plans this weekend starting with checking out the new Nordstrom store at Sherway’s, a “quick” trip to Ikea (is there even such thing as a “quick” trip to Ikea? ha!) and then probably heading out for a soccer game with my brother and the kids. Tomorrow I’m running a 10k race I decided to join on a whim this week, just for fun 🙂 Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend and for those of you in Florida, stay safe!

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. Aren’t these sneakers super cute and perfect for Fall?!
. Loving these flats! Perfect for times when you want to feel dressed-up but can’t stand to wear heels 😉
. Classic leopard pumps for $20!
. Two gorgeous faux-fur pieces to add to your Fall wardrobe: this one and this one.
. Might bite the bullet and get this, been loving their look lately!
. Suuuper cute slides!
. Loving this color combo for Fall!
. I’ll wait for this to go on sale 😉