Life File: How to Pack Toiletries for your Carry-On

When it comes to bringing beauty and skincare essentials with you while traveling, I have two words that make packing easier: travel-size. And when travel-size is not available, mini-containers. This store has all the containers you could possibly dream of (big thanks to my friend Natalie who introduced me to it!), so earlier this year, while looking for a carry-on, I got a few to make packing practical (we Virgos like to be practical!)

Whenever I get samples or those Sephora gift-with-purchase products, I put them in a box because I know they come in handy when traveling. I like to keep travel-size favourites in it, and as soon as I know I will be traveling I check what I have and choose what I need for my trip. For products I don’t have in travel size, I transfer the contents to mini-containers that are light and don’t take too much space (I get them here). For example, instead of bringing with me the whole bottle of toner, I just fill up a small pump bottle, and because some moisturizer jars can be heavy, I put just what I think is enough in a small container. You’d be surprised at the space you save, and nowadays, with all the carry-on restrictions for liquids and gels, there’s nothing like having the peace of mind that you won’t have to leave something behind because it goes over the limit. Think about it, you save space and weight, which means you can pack more clothes or bring back home some shopping 😉

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