Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and I wish you the best for this Thanksgiving. Don’t forget that being grateful and aware of our blessings is not exclusive to this one date, be thankful for what you have and where you are every day as there are many who aren’t as lucky as we are. Whatever your life conditions might be, I’m sure there’s someone having a tougher time so be thankful and practice gratitude, every single day 🙂

. The surprising truth about refrigerating eggs.
. Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a mental health day.
. Foods you should never eat!
. A life coach says successful people never do this in the morning.
. 37 pumpkin recipes you’ll want to pin!
. 10 eggy breakfasts that are easy and fast to make! Perfect for busy mornings!
. Homemade almond butter cups? Sign me up!
. Science says you should exercise this much to prevent depression. Just another reason why you should keep active 🙂
. A cooking hack that will forever change the way you make spaghetti.

. Gorgeous robe!
. Get extra 40% off all sale at Anthropologie! I just got these this week (they were 50% off) so guess who went back for a price adjustment? woo hoo! This sweater looks super cozy and I love the color, I love this vintage tee, and these are super cool!
. If you’re looking for a leopard bag that is not super expensive, I found this one and this one, both under $90 🙂
.  Get 30% off your purchase at J.Crew with code GOSHOP. Some of my faves and on my radar: this jacket, this vest, this (anyone else loving velvet?) and this.
. Need boots or shoes for Fall? Get 30% off on selected styles at Madewell. These are pretty much a classic!
. These sandals are suuuper pretty!
. Another great tee I like.
. Annnd, lastly, I keep looking at these and find them to be great classic loafers.