Shopping File: The Basic Fall Coats Everyone Should Own

When I think of Fall coats and the trends out there, I like to assess my wardrobe situation and make sure I’m covering the basics. I always try to remember that, before diving into any sort of trend, whereas it’s an accessory trend, a shoe trend, or a clothing trend, the basics are covered. Before jumping on getting a pink coat for example, ask yourself, do I have a classic black one? Make sure that you have a good foundation before stepping into “trendy” grounds because at the end of the day, the classics and staples will remain in your closet years after years and are the ones that will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. Below I have rounded-up some great options in three basic colours for Fall: camel, grey and black, nothing as versatile and essential than these three colours!

Because these are coats that you will have forever, I recommend investing a bit if you can and get a good quality piece (I think that J.Crew and Aritzia make amazing coats, and while Aritzia rarely puts them on sale, you can easily find some sort of special promotion over at J.Crew, so take advantage of that!) Always remember to read the label and check the wool content as you want it to be as high as possible, otherwise you’ll be freezing and kind of wasting your money. I like to go for ones that are lined as they are more comfortable and feel better on the skin (wool can be so itchy!), plus, usually coats that are lined have better form and structure.

CAMEL COATS: H&M Coat | J.Crew Factory Wool Topcoat | Gap Classic Wool Coat | J.Crew Daphne Topcoat | Babaton Steadman Coat | Madewell Atlas Cocoon Coat

GREY COATS: Joe Fresh Tailored Coat | J.Crew Parke Topcoat | Babaton Tillman Coat | J.Crew Factory City Coat | J.Crew Cocoon Coat | Wilfred Cocoon Coat

BLACK COATS: Wilfred Cocoon Coat | J.Crew Factory City Coat | Banana Republic Coat | H&M Wool-Blend Coat | J.Crew Parke Topcoat | Babaton Cristobal Coat