Fashion File: How to Wear Velvet

If there’s one fabric that is totally IN this season is….VELVET!! There are so many items all over the web, and they are all so so good that it is hard not to find something that appeals to you. Simple, classic, embellished, fashion-forward, conservative….you name it. It’s perfect for the Holidays and it instantly dresses you up, so if you’re looking for ways to incorporate this rich texture into your wardrobe, I rounded-up some favourite looks with some great options to inspire you 🙂

Easiest way to get on board with the trend if you’re still not 100% sure about it, is with accessories. There are so many gorgeous velvet bags right now, but some faves include this one, this one, this one and this one (great for special occasions). 

If you ask me, the two “it” dresses for the season are: velvet and sequin dresses. And if you want to have more versatility and get the most out of your velvet piece then I’d suggest bottoms like this skirt, and this one.

Velvet pants and plaid? Doesn’t it look great? Pair yours with a classic white shirt, a tie-front blouse, a sweater, a sleek turtleneck….if you get the fit right, then the options are endless. Some faves: these, these (great relaxed fit!), these (polished!), and these (less than $20!). 

I’ll tell you something, a velvet blazer is something you’ll pull out every season, so if you’re on the fence, don’t worry about having it sit in your closet for months because once the Holidays are around the corner, you’ll be glad you bit the bullet and you’ll wear it non-stop! I bought a black one years ago and every season I bust it out! Definitely a classic! Some great options: this one (looove the contrasting details!), this one (under $50), this one and this one

I love how pairing a strappy dress with a long sleeve top gives it more versatility, plus, it looks super chic! Some gorgeous dresses (simple yet chic) are this one (the lbd of the season), this long-sleeved one that is just $36, this one (has a cute bow in the back) and this one

Adding a pop of colour is another great alternative, and one way to do so is with shoes. These are super cute, you can’t go wrong with mules, love these, and these are similar to those pictured (and under $40!)  

A simple velvet tee is a great way to spruce things up! Some good options: this one ($34), this one, and this one. And if you’re looking for camis, I LOVE this one, this one and this one.    

There’s nothing like a great statement jacket that can elevate simple looks. Something you can wear day and night and that you can pair with jeans-and-tee combos just as with a sleek monochrome look. Some great jackets I’ve come across: this one, this one, and this one

Photo Credits: Fashion Me Now | Cella Jane | Somewhere Lately | Memorandum | Polienne | Jess Ann Kirby | Jess Ann Kirby | Anine Bing | Anine Bing