Life File: Holiday Entertaining

I’m so excited to finally share with all of you a Holiday table scape I put together in collaboration with Structube! Coming up with the recipes, diys and styling for an afternoon get-together was incredibly fun and I have to say, this is one of the projects I have enjoyed working on the most. I hope you get inspired by it and find ideas for your own, whether it is for an afternoon tea, a gift exchange get-together, a Holiday dinner, or even a Christmas morning brunch 🙂

The treats that I made include three of the most popular Holiday recipes in my family: Stollen, Spitzbuben (my fave!), and Vanillekipferl; plus a delicious carrot and pineapple cake you’ll love (the frosting turned out amazing if I say so myself 😉 You can catch the recipe for the vanillekipferl (almond crescents) on yesterday’s post, and stay tuned for the rest as I will be posting them in the next few days 🙂

I felt super inspired to get back on the DIY bandwagon, something I haven’t done much lately and that I was really missing! I made some cute and super easy mini wreaths to dress the table (also sharing the how soon!), and probably my favourite diy to date: holiday embroidered napkins 🙂 (you can find the DIY here).

I hope you like it!

In this post: Structube Thyme Dinnerware Set (it’s only $49!) | Structube Thyme Ceramic Serving Platters (small and large) | Structube Vista Wire Tray |  Ikea Gullmaj Tablecloth | DIY Napkins | Vanillekipferl Cookies | DIY Mini Wreaths | Spitzbuben Cookies | Carrot and Pineapple Cake

A big thanks to Structube for sponsoring the post, and you for supporting my work! 🙂