Food File: Tame Your Sweet Tooth With These Healthy & No-Bake Chocolate Protein Bites

I have mentioned before I have a sweet tooth, but as someone who likes to eat has healthy as possible without going to extremes (I do believe in balance and indulging here and there), I’m often experimenting with recipes to tame my cravings without falling for empty calories. Is it possible? Of course it is!! Consider these protein packed energy bites like chocolate truffles, the healthy kind that is! They are sweet, delicious and they will for sure tame that afternoon sweets craving. Plus, they are great to have before and/or post workouts, or whenever you need a pick-me-up snack. Make a batch, store in a tight container in the fridge and take out (and eat!) as needed!

Here’s what you need:
. 8-10 dates (or about 14 small ones).
. 3 tbsp. cocoa powder (I used this one).
. 2 scoops chocolate flavoured protein powder (this is the one I like).
. 2 tbsp. almond butter (PS: look for almond butters that only list almonds as their ingredient!, currently buying this one).
. 1/4 cup water.
. 1/2 cup oats.
. 1 tbsp vanilla.
. 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (for coating).
. Optional: 1/4 or less dark chocolate chips.

What to do:
. Combine dates, cocoa powder, and protein powder in a food processor.
. Transfer to a bowl and mix in the almond butter, oats, an vanilla. Mixture should be crumbly and powdery.
. Add water (this will hold it all together) and combine. Using your hands or a small wooden spoon form balls and roll over the shredded coconut.
. Store in a tight container in the fridge for up to 7 days and enjoy!