Life File: 21 Actions to Help You Start the Year Off Right

Happy Monday everyone! School Holidays are up and that means back to the routine! Are you ready to start this year off right? For me, the month of January is the month to get everything in order and set the mood for the rest of the year. Just as starting the day off right sets the mood for the rest of it, the same applies with the whole year. If you take the time to get your life in order, everything will flow better and you will set yourself for a smooth start of the year. Purge your closet, deep-clean your home, donate, organize, start fresh with a good hair cut, book your health appointments, back-up your files and photos, take it step by step but make sure you get it done so that you’re not dragging those tasks for months and clouding your mind with the thought of unfinished business, you know?

I already started organizing and purging because I want to start the year with everything in order and nothing taking up space unnecessarily (both mentally and physically). I’ve been cleaning out my closet and organizing the kitchen, and while I still have more to do (sometimes it feels like the task never ends!) I got a head start in the right direction 🙂 And speaking of right direction, here are a number of things you can do this month to start the year off right! If there’s anything in this list you haven’t done yet, don’t put it up for later, get it done this month! You’ll feel better by starting fresh and with everything in order!

Let’s do this people!