Life File: Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Take on Life – Hope Heals

Happy Wednesday everyone, today I was going to share the story of three people who greatly inspired me over the Holidays, but as I was writing this post and reading more about them I thought I’d start a series where I feature one person every week as a way to keep us inspired and grateful. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in our daily shenanigans and temporarily forget how lucky and blessed we are in comparison to others, so the purpose of doing it this way is to keep that inspiration “alive” and, in one way or the other, share our support and remind us of what really matters the most.

I feel that there’s a lot that can be learned and taken from reading about these individuals, people who amidst adversity continue to shine their light on themselves and others. Whether you connect on a certain level, relate to their stories, find strength to overcome your own obstacles, decide to pass on to others you might know who are going through the same, feel inspired to live more gratefully, or simply feel like giving your support…whatever it is you take from this, big or small, I’m certain it will positively impact you and those around you.

This week I want to feature Katherine Wolf from @hopeheals. Katherine Wolf, a former model, who was not expected to even live after suffering a brain stroke at the age of 26, TWENTY SIX, not only lives and recovered, but continues to move forward with hope, dedicating her time to spread her own life lessons, volunteering, and helping others find courage and strength. I encourage you to go take a peek into her life @hopeheals and feel her optimistic attitude shine through. It’s incredibly inspiring to see how she continues with her life, a true example of how attitude defines your life and not the other way around.

If you wish to donate to her cause head here and if you wish to read more about her story watch this video.