Fashion File: New York City Long Weekend Pack List

Hi everyone! I took a much needed break last week to visit my close friend in New Jersey but I’m home now and ready to get back to the usual posting schedule 🙂 First I want to start with a packing list that will help you get through a long weekend (3 to 4 days) in New York in the current weather. This is basically what I took on my trip (I spent half the days in New Jersey, half the days in the city) and it proved to be the perfect combination of essentials for a city where, in my opinion, you need to be comfy and dressed appropriately to fully enjoy it. Let’s take a look!

JACKETS: A puffer comes in handy on those days when the temperature unexpectedly dips and you need to stay warm. I took this one which is incredibly lightweight and didn’t add much weight to my suitcase. Two other great options that I personally recommend are this one from Lole and this one from Uniqlo. Both are light, super warm and not overpriced.

A wool coat is the perfect option to wear all day when the down-filled jacket is not needed. You can layer it over your leather jacket, wear it over your sweater, it all depends on the weather.

Lastly, a leather jacket is great for layering, adding extra warmth, and let’s not forget, a cool factor 😉 If needed during the day to keep you warm, wear it over your top or sweater and under your wool coat. The different textures create great dimension and it’s also a great outerwear piece to wear at night if you’re going somewhere and you know you won’t be walking much.

TOPS: The five essential tops you should consider when packing are: a versatile chambray shirt that you can wear on its own, under a sweater, or over a tee; a striped tee that looks great under said chambray shirt or on its own; a sleek black turtleneck that easily takes you from wandering around to cocktails at night; a comfy and chunky sweater to keep you warm and that can be easily layered over all your other tops; and last but not least, some sort of novelty top that has a little detail to make things more interesting. You can wear this top on its own, or wear it under a sweater and let the bow visible for some added charm.

BOTTOMS: 2 pairs of jeans are more than enough so it’s best to keep the washes different: one classic blue and one black. A slip dress doesn’t take much room yet it can double as a skirt if you’re going out at night more than once while on your trip. Wear it by itself with the leather jacket or under the sweater to make it look like a skirt.

ACCESSORIES: Since you want to be comfy and able to walk around all day without getting blisters or tired feet (who would want that?!), sneakers are your best option and with so many fashionable designs nowadays, you seriously don’t have to compromise style. I looooove my Kaanas sneakers (in blush here and in white here) but also recommend these, these and these (so so comfy!).

A pair of black athletic sneakers is also a must to give your feet a break from the other shoes, and I love these, these, and these. What I love about these shoes is that you can still look chic, just remember that it is best to pair them with your wool coat to create a better contrast and avoid an otherwise too “sporty” look. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but if you want to keep your chic level high, pairing them with the wool coat is your best option.

A pair of sleek black booties is what I’d wear at night for dinner and drinks. They go great with jeans and the dress, and will keep your toes warm. They are also more practical than packing heels in case of a snowstorm or heavy freezing rain.

For handbags, I always like to pack two: one classic and roomy tote that can hold my camera, wallet, lens, sunglasses, snacks…you get it; and one practical cross body bag that can be worn during the day with the strap and without it at night.

Interested in seeing how many outfits you can get from this packing list? I’ll share the endless options to give you a clear idea!

FEATURED IN THIS POST: Abercrombie Down-Filled Puffer Jacket | Kaanas San Rafael Sneakers (in white and silver here, blush here) | J.Crew Velvet Tie-Front Top | J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck | TNA The Super Puff (comes in lots of colors!) | Babaton Stedman Coat (on sale) | The Group by Babaton Luxe Cashmere Sweater | Wilfred Free Felicity Dress (comes in many colors, here’s another good one) | J.Crew Striped Tee (here’s another one) | Madewell 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Berkeley Black: Button-Through Edition | Madewell 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Drop-Hem Edition | Cuyana Top Zip Satchel Crossbody | J.Crew Chambray Shirt | Marc Fisher Yale Booties (here’s another pair for less) | Madewell Ultimate Leather Jacket | Nike Free Running Shoes | Annabel Ingall Tote (similar for less, this is the one I took)