Life File: 5 Morning Habits to Adopt to Start Your Day Off Right

Some of us are morning people by nature, other, night-owls, but regardless of what category you fall into, there’s nothing like adopting good and healthy morning habits to kickstart our day in the right direction. I strongly believe that the way we start our day strongly influences the tone for the rest of it, so here are 5 tried and tested ways I use to kickstart my day. If you don’t normally do these, I challenge you to start picking them up and adding them to your morning routine to see how they impact your productivity and mindset for the rest of the day 😉

1. Make your bed: Back in the days when I was a teenager, if you would have told my mom that making my bed would one day become one habit I’d religiously follow, she would have NOT believe you. She used to nag me over and over and I just wouldn’t listen. Now, this is the first thing I do every morning and is much needed for my mental clarity. If my bed is not done, I simply can’t function. To me, messy bed = messy thoughts. Apart from giving you a sense of social responsibility, making your bed sets the tone for the day, declutters your space and positions you in a positive mind-set, plus, it merely takes a couple of minutes (3min at the most?).

2. Break a sweat: I understand that we all have different schedules and lifestyles, and while I can appreciate a mid-day or end-of-day sweat as much as a morning one, I much rather start my day with a good run or exercise class. It elevates my mood, gives me energy and it definitely gives me the right mind set to accomplish everything on my to-do list. Whether you can sneak out before work and run, bike, do yoga, or even give a short home workout a go (20 minutes is better than nothing!), you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle the day!

3. Get dressed: This is for those of you who work from home, or for those of you who decide to work from home on a particular day. I’m a firm believer that getting out of your PJ’s and getting dressed is crucial for productivity. A casual comfortable look that makes you feel good puts you in the work mindset and boosts your confidence, thus increases productivity. So, before reaching out for  baggy sweats and a sweater, dress for success, because success starts in your attitude towards life and how you believe you can achieve your goals. 

4. Have a healthy and balanced breakfast: Just as everything else sets the tone for a good start of the day, a healthy breakfast positions you on the right path about food choices throughout the day and boosts your energy levels. If you consume a sugar-loaded or calorie-empty breakfast, chances are you’re going to feel sluggish, not to mention that you’ll sabotage your mental focus for the rest of the day. Having little time to make something in the morning is no excuse as you can easily make a protein smoothie, put together some greek yogurt and fruits, take a jar of overnight oats from the fridge, whip up an avocado toast….these are options that not only are easy but don’t require much preparation.

5. Positive attitude: Last but not least, having a positive attitude is everything if you want to accomplish your goals as it affects your mood and behaviour. Instead of thinking there’s not enough time to tackle your to-do list, identify your priorities and start by crossing them off one at a time. Being happy and in a good mood creates positive vibrations around you so instead of overwhelming yourself with problems or tasks, take control of how you’re going to react to what’s ahead of you.