Life File: A Braided Hairstyle Perfect for Summer!

I finally got my friend Aylin to team up with me again to create a super cute hairstyle that would go beautifully with your Summer dresses and easy breezy boho tops! Dutch braids are my favourite kind of braids and there’s nothing like a messy bun to give that effortless yet chic look, so I really love how this turned out! This hairstyle is pretty easy to do and all you need is four elastics, a couple of bobby pins and some hairspray (optional) to set the look.

1. Start with parting your hair in the middle and braiding each side (you can definitely do any type of braid, but I love the fuller look of dutch braids) all along your head until you reach your neck.
2. Secure each braid with an elastic.

 3. Carefully pull out each section of the braid for a fuller look.

4. With an elastic, fold in the ponytail to create a simple bun or wrap your hair around itself to achieve the same.

5. Pin random sections of each bun to create a messy look and you’re done!