Life File: 3 Places To Visit in Ontario this Summer

Happy Monday! With Summer quickly approaching, I thought I’d share three great destinations that make for a perfect getaway here in Ontario. Sometimes we just need a little escape of the daily routine, see something different, explore, relax, discover…to come back refreshed and with our batteries charged, you know? We don’t necessarily have to pack a big suitcase and bring along our passport to feel like we traveled, especially when you take into consideration that we live in a beautiful province with great things to do. So, whether you’re looking into planning your next vacation or escape for a few days (perhaps just a weekend?), here are three places to consider in driving (or very short flight) distance.

Prince Edward County has been gaining more and more popularity in the last two years and it’s no surprise considering what it has to offer. From beautiful beaches, stylish hotels (have you been to the Drake Devonshire and the June Motel?), to wineries and so much more, this is a great place to escape for a weekend. Read about what to do here (includes some fave spots!), and a full review of the June here.  Below: The June Motel | Lavender Farm | Vic Cafe | Norman Hardie Winery

If you love nature and staying active, you can’t go wrong with a few days in Killarney. I loved it so much when I went there last year that this year I’m planning on visiting again. Bike, hike, canoe, swim, run…it’s basically paradise if you like doing all those activities. I stayed at the Killarney Mountain Lodge, but you also have the option to camp (I’m doing the latter this year) and you can either drive (probably takes 4 hours or so), or you can fly to Sudbury and then drive south to Killarney. If you decide to fly, you MUST stop at Tucos Tacos and have a bite there 😉 You can read about my last year’s experience here and here 🙂

Last but not least, have you ever considered escaping for a few days to Windsor?  I never imagined I would love it so much, and I have to say, traveling to Essex County was so reinvigorating and refreshing. I certainly came back from that trip feeling super relaxed. If you need a break from the fast pace of life, you love windmills, wineries, beaches, nature (Point Pelee is a must!) then you’ll have a great time. It’s not that far by car (4 hours?), but you can also fly with Porter and then rent a car there. 

You can read about my top things to do in Windsor here, and six things you should definitely do when in Essex County here. Below: Kingsville | Point Pelee | The grove Hotel | Point Pelee | Colchester Beach