Life File Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy Saturday everyone, hope your weekend is off to a good start! Has anyone else had a super busy and hectic week month? June has been non-stop for me! Hoping to relax a bit this weekend although I have lots of things going on! I hope you get to spend it outside, but if the weather forces you to stay indoors, find a way to unwind, stay active, read, be productive…anything you wish for 😉
Below are the reads and finds of the week, have a great weekend everyone!

. If you like one-bowl meals, here are 12 self-care bowls to try for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
20 doctor recommended natural remedies for everyday ailments.
. The 9 best anti-aging foods.
. If you like listening to podcasts, here’s a list of 14 options to listen this Summer.
. 7 life lessons you should be aware of.
9 ways to use the drugstore scar treatment bio-oil.
. Here’s a cool trick that lets you take amazing night photos without a tripod.
. 18 Gmail settings that will change how you think about your inbox.
. This 100-year-old-to-do-list method promises maximum productivity.

. This top, which I find super flattering and love, is now on sale. It comes in all these different options, and most are on sale too 😉
. Cute and comfy pants (there’s a matching top) perfect for Summer days and nights.
. Absolutely in love with this dress (in both colours!).
. Get 40% off Sunny-Day essentials at J.Crew (code YAYSWIM) Some faves include this, this and this.
. Current favourite lipstick that I just can’t get enough of: this one. Highly recommend!
. Such a cute top!!
. If you like jumpsuits, this one is pretty.
. Now these shoes come in a sparkly version (perfect for the Holidays I’d say, juuust 6 months away haha). I have them in black and LOVE them!
. The perfect round straw bag! This mini one is darling too!