Life File: The Baker House 1650

As I mentioned earlier this week, here’s a peek inside the Baker House 1650, one of the cutest Inns I’ve ever stayed at. The Inn is ran by two lovely ladies who are the owners and who definitely make sure your stay is unforgettable. Each room is decorated differently (but all equally lovely I have to say!), you get, wait for it, no other than L’Occitane toiletries in the bathroom….I mean, how exquisite?!, the grounds are breathtaking and perfect for relaxing and completely unplugging (at the time I stayed it was too cold to go in the pool, sadly! but I did enjoyed some rosé and snacks on the terrace). They do have a Spa where you can book treatments if you like, the cutest dog ever that you wish you could take home with you, and it’s centrally located close to the beach and around shops, restaurants, and more. I’d say if you’re looking for a weekend to unwind and relax and have a different NY experience, you should definitely consider staying here, I can’t say enough how much I liked it 🙂