Life File: Why You Should Visit Long Island on Your Next New York Trip

Last time I was in New York I went to Long Island for the very first time and absolutely loved it. It was such a nice way to end a New York City trip! Very calm, relaxing and so different from the the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. If you ever have the opportunity and want to end a New York trip on a relaxed note, I highly suggest you make your way to the Hamptons; a day or two is enough to soak in the calm vibes, the chill pace, such a different experience! From the beautiful beaches, the charming houses and Inns, the wineries….you can spend the day at the beach, rent a bike and stroll around, visit the wineries, relax….it’s lovely! And it’s not that complicated to arrange you know? You can catch the LIRR and be there in an hour or so, which is not bad at all. Below are some snaps from my trip but I wrote about 7 must-see spots right here. I’ll also share a post about where to stay in case you ever plan to spend more than a day 😉 If you live in New York it’s a nice way to get away for a weekend, or even to celebrate a special occasion…and if you’re visiting, it offers a completely different experience from the sights-overload we are normally used to in the big apple 🙂

The 1770 House where I had dinner one night

The Majestic Oheka Castle

The Jedediah Hawkins Inn

The Baker House 1650

The Lighthouse and beach at Fire Island