Life File: The Best Ice Cream in Ottawa

I’m back from Florida and ready to get back into the swing of things! Knowing that I wouldn’t see Matthew for two weeks after leaving Florida (he’s staying there with his grandparents and his dad is joining him soon) I took a full week to spend quality time with him and not worry about anything else. I hadn’t done that in so long that it felt amazing! I didn’t take any pictures, didn’t visit any cool spots (well, unless you count Target of course, wink wink), didn’t do any work, was barely on my phone (hardly checked Instagram, no e-mails)…. I basically went for morning swims and/or bike rides every single day, followed by a couple hours at the beach, then some pool time, a couple of movies here and there…nothing super extraordinary to report other than quality time with my little guy. Pretty simple and quite perfect if I say so myself 😉

Now that I’m back and before I tell you about some of my packing tips (tomorrow) I wanted to let you know that my article about the best Ice Cream spots in Ottawa is out!!! If you ever find yourself there you need to visit them (ok maybe not ALL of them in a row!) because they were seriously amazing. Bookmark it for future reference, trust me, you’ll love them! Below are some snaps but head over here for the complete list (there are 6 spots!) and all the details!!