Life File: Camping in Killarney

Last week I spent three days in the beautiful park of Killarney, an annual tradition of my dear friend Aylin and I (this year we’ll probably go again in Fall) We absolutely love it there and if you like nature and enjoy the outdoors I highly recommend it for a camping trip. The place is quiet, the views are incredible, the site has everything you need, the roads are perfect for running and cycling, the trails are abundant and with a variety of difficulty levels (most are super easy), the water is peaceful and perfect for canoeing and kayaking, what else could you ask for?  Booking can be done online (so easy), and it’s just a 4 hour drive from Toronto. You can also stay at one of the hotels (like the Mountain Lodge or the Sportsman Inn) if you feel like you need more amenities 🙂 

We arrived Thursday noon and left at the same time on Saturday. We would have stayed another night but there wasn’t anything available (make sure you book well in advance!) Our days were spent cycling, running, kayaking, hiking, admiring the beautiful views and sunsets, and just enjoying quality time together. It’s the perfect place to completely disconnect and enjoy what nature has to offer. The campsite is clean, there’s water, toilets and showers, canoes and kayaks are right on the beach and if you need anything, Killarney Outfitters is just a short drive/run/ride (6kms from the campsite). The town is also nearby in case you feel like grabbing a meal or exploring around. 

Below are some photos from our trip, I hope you like them and I hope they inspire you to get out there and enjoy nature! If you have any questions just let me know! 

At the top of the Granite Ridge Trail, a super easy trail located right across the site. Last year we did the Chikanishing trail, also near by but offering different views. 

First meal after setting up our tents: black beans, tomatoes, avocado and cilantro. 

The roads are perfect for cycling and running

The charming town of Killarney (so many cute houses around!)