Life File: My Top 5 Tried-and-True Packing Tips

When it comes to packing, what’s your style? Are you a throw-it-all-in-there kind of person or do you make the most out of the space and pack everything super tidy? I’m more of the latter, I like to be super efficient and pack smart taking advantage of every single inch of space available and making sure that clothes are folded in a way that prevents wrinkles as much as possible. I kind of have my own tried-and-tested system that never fails and thought of sharing my top tips in case they can come in handy for you next time you’re packing 😉

TIP #1: You know those weird gaps at the bottom of your suitcase where the frame is? I like to fill them with lightweight pieces that fit perfectly to create an even layer. I always fill these gaps with items that don’t wrinkle easily like socks, my son’s underwear or t-shirts folded in two, and activewear. Once it looks even I start layering with the rest.

TIP #2: I normally fold everything in halves as I find things get less wrinkly this way. I pack jeans flat and fold wherever needed to fill spaces efficiently.  

TIP #3: I usually pack my shoes in cotton bags (like these) but if I’m traveling with new shoes that I haven’t worn I skip the bag. But, regardless of how I pack them, I ALWAYS stuff them with smaller items for two reasons: one, to use space efficiently, and two, to keep their shape. Same goes with hats, which I place at the centre of the suitcase and fill the space around until it’s all even. 

TIP #4: I always place small fragile items like a souvenir or sunglasses that come in fabric cases inside my running shoes or sneakers. Same with lotions that for some reason didn’t make it to my toiletries bag. If you have lotions, creams, gels, and are afraid that they can be squeezed and spill the contents, place them inside your shoes. 

TIP #5: Always leave a spot at the bottom of your suitcase or carry-on for your toiletries bag. Mine is pretty big and I have a clear idea of how much space it takes so I always leave enough room for it as it’s usually the last thing that goes in. And since they are usually heavy, placing it at the bottom prevents it from crushing everything else you have.