Life File: Off to Camping!

If you’re reading this it means that I managed to get all my work done, run some errands, get some groceries, do some laundry, go for a much needed bike ride, make lentil soup (recipe here), energy bites (these), protein blondies (these), prep some food, pack my bags (between the gadgets, clothes, cycling gear, and food it took me almost 3 hours! this was super helpful) and load the car because today I’m off to Killarney with my friend Aylin and company! I can’t believe I was able to do all that! My days are so productive given that Matthew is vacationing with his dad, ha! (insert covering-mouth-monkey-emoji) You might remember I went to Killarney last year for work (read the post here), and Aylin and I loved it so much that we planned a camping trip for this Summer. This time, instead of staying at the Lodge, we are staying in tents (I love camping!), and of course we are getting our fix of cycling, hiking and kayaking (I knew buying a bike rack was a good decision!) Gosh I love the outdoors! Depending on the internet signal I’ll be sharing snaps on Instagram and stories so tune in if you want to follow along 🙂 I can’t remember how the connection was last year so if you don’t see any updates I’ll be sharing the experience once we get back!

I have a couple of posts already scheduled for the rest of the days so I leave wishing you all a great weekend!