Fashion File: Stacking Delicate Bracelets

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the bracelets and necklaces I normally wear so I thought I’d share with you my go-to places where I like to shop for delicate jewelry pieces and give you some options to re-create the look for yourself 😉 When it comes to jewelry I have to say that my practical mentality gets in the way….that means that I never (or rarely) take anything off. With the exception of a couple of bangles and all my rings, everything stays where it is (I ain’t got time to put things on and take them off!) and I’ll switch my earrings occasionally (normally when I get something new!).

My favourite places to buy jewelry are Mejuri (Toronto based), Madewell (I always find great pieces at affordable prices!) and Muriel & Co. (Toronto Based). From Mejuri I like that the designs are minimal, delicate and everything is right up my alley! From Madewell I love that you can find some fun pieces for less than $30, so if you’re looking for some pieces to add to your stack without breaking the bank, this is a great place to look for some additions. And from Muriel & Co. I love that their bracelets are elastic yet made with 14k gold beads. Mine have gone through sweat, sea, chlorine… and they have not tarnished!

Below are some of my current faves! Next week I’ll share all about necklaces and getting the right layered look!

1. Muriel & Co. Gold Beaded Bracelet | 2. Muriel & Co. Gold Bead Bracelet | 3. BaubleBar Duo 18K Gold Plated Bracelet | 4. Mejuri Bold Spheres Bracelet | 5. Mejuri Layered Spheres Bracelet | 6. Mejuri Mini Lotus Bracelet | 7. Madewell Friendship Chain Bracelet Set | 8. BaubleBar Initial Bar Bracelet | 9. Madewell Odette New York® Arrow Cuff Bracelet | 10. Madewell Odette New York® Summit Cuff Bracelet | 11. Madewell Delicate Glider Bangle Bracelet | 12. Muriel & Co. Small Gold Beaded Noodle Bracelet 

More options I love: Muriel & Co. Gold Bead Noodle Bracelet | Madewell Crossover Cuff Bracelet | Madewell Odette New York® Summit Cuff Bracelet | J.Crew Demi-Fine 14K Gold Plated Dot Charm Bracelet | Mejuri Dot Bracelet | Maya Brenner Mini Letter Bracelet