Life File: Long Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy thanksgiving weekend everyone! Hope you get the chance to enjoy it with your family and loved ones and that you take some time to reflect on the blessings you have received. Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend and leaving you these reads and finds in case you want to read and look around!

. 5 weekday cleaning hacks that will save your weekend.
. 12 non-alcoholic drinks for Thanksgiving that are total crow pleasers.
. 8 home repairs you can DIY (and 8 you should always hire a pro to do)
. 7 google search shortcuts you need to know.
14 things you didn’t know you were doing wrong all your life.
. 8 reasons (and recipes) to love oatmeal.
. Get a full body workout with a foam roller.

. A cozy-looking sweater with a cute sleeve detail.
. The perfect balance of cozy and elegant, perfect for the season.
. Get 40% off your purchase at J.Crew  (use code BIGSALE) These are my all-time favourite PJ’s, looove these (perfect for Fall!), this coat is a bestseller for a reason (I have it in sandstone and love it), this is the type of sweater for everyday wear and to own in multiple colours, I have this and I highly recommend (just size up once as it runs a bit small), and this classic cami is so versatile (the rich texture makes it perfect for Fall and the Holidays!).
. If you’re looking for a faux-fur jacket here’s one under $100 and one for $128. Both look great!
. Really digging these pants.
. Perfect pants for the season!
. If you’re looking for a dress under $75, this style and print goes well on everyone!
. Get 40% off at Banana too. Absolutely love this trench and this jacket (so good!), love this sweater, if you need a pair of dressy booties, these look amazing! Annnnd these are the comfiest shoes I own (they come in leopard too).
. Stock up on these (so many great patterns!!) They are $22 🙂 And also, how good is this jacket?
. If you like pom-poms then you’re probably going to like this and this (comes in tan too).