Life File: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy weekend everyone, and for all of you south of the border happy thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend! With December just one week away I’m ready to get into Christmas mood and start decorating, planning and kicking off some Holiday baking 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend! Below are the usual reads and finds!

. The most important life-changing habit in two words.
. The 23 best medicine ball exercises to tone your entire body.
The best low impact exercises you can use to cross-train.
The one styling trick you need this winter to make you look 10 years longer.
The one drink you should have to speed up your metabolism while you sleep.
. Is this very simple meditation the secret to a great night’s sleep?
. A simple step to add to your skin-care routine this winter.
. How a 60-second expression of gratitude can change your life.
. This is why you should be an early riser.
. Here are the ingredients to avoid if you don’t want your lip balm make chapped lips worse.
. Apparently this supplement is ground-breaking and you should be taking it!
. If you can’t get to the gym do this 30-minute workout at home, no equipment needed.

. I forgot to mention yesterday, but there’s an amazing sale going on at Rebecca Minkoff, you either get 25% or 30% off your purchase (use codes THX25 and THX30 (even on all sale!). I just snatched these and wish my size was still available on these!! These also look great for winter!
. All the best Black Friday sales are still happening on the weekend, see all my picks here and here!
. This dress is on sale and would be perfect for New Years 😉 But if you prefer a jumpsuit, there’s this one!
. If you’re looking for a plaid coat, this one looks super cute!
. One of my fave booties on sale for $89!!
. Here’s another great pair of black booties for under $50.