Fashion File: Simple Cold Weather Dressing Hacks to Keep Your Warm All Winter

With the extreme temperatures in full effect (I guess Winter has arrived!), I want to share some “winter dressing hacks” to help you survive the chilly season. From simple layering ideas to key items to have in your closet, below are 9 cold weather clothing hacks to keep you warm!

1. OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS: So when it comes to over the knee-high boots I’ll have to say that they are practical when the temperatures are not on the extreme side. The extra layer of leather or suede over your calves definitely provides some warmth but if it’s reaaaally cold then you’re better off with your winter boots. Some great options to consider if you don’t own a pair are these, these (under $100),  and these (which I own and recommend!)

2. KNEE-HIGH SOCKS: One way to keep your legs warm without having to wear tights or leggings is wearing knee-high socks, especially if they are made out of wool 😉 They are quite practical for those of us who only like booties or short winter boots. There are these and even heat tech ones.

3. HEAT TECH LAYERS: Have you heard of Uniqlo’s heat tech collection? I bought some pieces last year before heading to Mont Tremblant and they did not disappoint! They are not expensive, the collection is pretty vast (think of camisteesturtlenecksleggings, even socks!) and with all the styles available I’d find it hard to believe if you didn’t find something that would suit your needs and personal preferences. My friend Victoria swears by wearing them under not so winter-y clothes so that she can enjoy pieces in her closet that are not exactly the warmest (so clever!).

4. WOOL SOCKS: It’s pretty incredible what a good pair of wool socks can do. Even if you’re not wearing quality winter footwear they do go an extra mile in keeping your feet warm. And of course, if you wear a good pair of winter boots you have the best combination possible to keep your feet warm and cozy. I absolutely love this brand (I swear by them for winter running socks), but to be honest, I’ve tried these and love them just as much. There’s also heat tech socks if you want to give those try.

5. STOCKINGS: This is something I don’t do but I know some people swear by wearing tights under their pants or denim on very cold days. If you’re looking for some check these and these out.

6. LONG COAT: On days that are particularly cold, longer coats will keep you warmer thanks to those extra inches of fabric. I personally feel the cold on my quads so if the temperatures are extreme I always wear my parka. If you’re looking for great winter jackets, I rounded-up some here, annnd here’s a great option under $100.

Fabrics: Wool Sweater and Cashmere Scarf

7. FABRICS: Probably the best fabrics to wear during the cold season are cashmere, wool, sherpa, fleece and flannel, so when buying winter layers make sure the content is high enough to make a difference. You have probably noticed the difference between wearing a cotton shirt and a flannel button-down, right? Same goes with cashmere or wool compared to cotton. This brand makes the softest sweaters (this is my absolute fave!), and other great options that are timeless and good for everyday (either day or night) include this, this and this.

Layering: Shirt ->Sweater -> Leather Jacket ->Coat

8. LAYER: Layering is a great way to add dimension to your look and sometimes a great way to break away from your everyday parka. If wearing the same old jacket becomes daunting, try layering a few pieces and wear a different coat 😉

9. WATERPROOF FOOTWEAR: Having the proper winter footwear can drastically change your outdoors experience so if you live in a place where the winter season is either long or strong, I highly suggest you invest in a good pair of boots. Think about the cost per wear they will get and how much more bearable and enjoyable is going to make your day to day during the cold season. As I mentioned earlier on the blog, I’m a big fan of Sorel and I rounded-up all my favourites and personal picks right here 😉

PS: Here’s a complete guide to looking winter chic!