Life File: 5 Easy Habits for a Healthier Self

I feel like January is some sort of prolonged Monday…a good amount of days to get a great start of the year, set goals, make adjustments, resolutions, begin new projects… a great opportunity to get back on track or improve ourselves. A fresh start! On this note, today I want to share 5 easy ways or habits anyone can adopt for a healthier self. These are all very simple and easy to achieve and depending on your needs and what works best for you, I’m sure you can find different ways to incorporate them into your daily routine 🙂

1. MOVE MORE: If there’s something I’m constantly grateful for is the ability to move. Whether is walking, running, hiking, going up some stairs….I always think that one day I might not be able to have the same energy and strength so while I have it I like to make the most out of it. Going a bit further than exercising on a regular basis, keeping yourself active goes a long way. Try incorporating a short walk at the end of your day or make it part of your daily commute, park your car a bit far away to get a few extra steps, take the stairs whenever you can (I NEVER take the escalators!), take on a personal challenge like doing “x” amount of squats everyday or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator… these simple actions add up and slowly but will positively impact your overall health.

2. DRINK ENOUGH WATER: Water intake is key for proper body functioning, it nourishes your skin and increases energy, so if you’re not drinking enough water is time to change that! I find that always having a glass of water around makes me drink more water. If I’m sitting working I have a glass of water next to me and I fill it up as soon as I drink it all. If I’m in and out the house, there’s always a glass of water on my kitchen counter that I refill on a regular basis (I’d take sips before leaving and as soon as I return) and if I’m out and about I carry a water bottle. I love water so I know this makes it easier, but if you’re one of those who is not a big fan of tasteless liquids, how about adding some lemon to yours? You can also try infused waters which are a great way to trick you into drinking more water (you can try strawberry and mint, lemon, cucumber and mint…the combinations are endless!).

3. MAKE HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES: When it comes to foods you can definitely take control of what you eat and the quality of your diet (diet as in your eating habits not as “dieting”) and making small adjustments that can benefit you in both the short and long run is easier than what you think. I’m a big fan of balance and earning indulgences, so if you have a sweet tooth (like me), try making your own treats, choose healthier versions or just limit the amount you’re currently consuming. A small change is better than nothing and definitely an improvement, so think of ways you can better your diet. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast, incorporate greens whenever possible, choose whole grains over refined white breads, greek yogurt over plain, coconut oil over butter….basically creative substitutions for unhealthy foods.

4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: Just as diet and exercise, getting enough sleep plays a great role in our health. While some people need more hours than others, it is very important that you get at least 7 hours of solid sleep every night. The more I read about the importance of a good night’s sleep the more I understand about all the different functions it affects. If you have trouble falling asleep try canceling out any distractions and think about ways that can help you. A good read in bed, a cup of caffeine-free tea to help you unwind a few minutes before, a lavender spray, infused oils (I love Saje!) are a few suggestions 😉

5. PRACTICE GRATITUDE: The key to a happy self, in my most humble opinion, is practicing gratitude and being grateful for what you have As tough as life can be at times (we all go through difficult and sad times) if you keep a grateful heart and are aware of the blessings you have received, it will give you the perspective needed to be in a better mood, feel optimistic, and give value to the things that really matter in life.