Life File: 5 Recent Sephora Buys You’ll Love

Today I want to share 5 recent Sephora buys that I’m sure you’ll love! More than for the makeup (you guys know that I don’t experiment much in that department!), I love going into Sephora to peruse all the skincare products, and just recently I was there re-stocking old faves and trying new stuff! Below you’ll find my thoughts on 5 recent buys and why I recommend them!

Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil: I first tried Tatcha YEARS ago and was immediately hooked. Their products are incredibly rich and luxurious and all have the most amazing scent that makes you feel like you’re receiving some sort of facial treatment at a spa. Of what I’ve tried, the Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is my favourite and absolute essential during Winter. I apply 3 drops (that’s all you need) after my moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and glowing. It won’t leave it greasy but it will last all day long, and the scent is something I particularly love about it (fresh and invigorating!).

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil: My cousin has been using this brand (the whole spectrum!) for the last couple months and she says that her skin as never looked better. She says that she now wears even less makeup because her skin looks healthy and nourished. She recommended me to get this set as a starter (that was her intro to the products) but I decided to buy the Oil because I still have other products I’d like to finish first. To be honest, I haven’t tried it yet because I just got it, but I’m excited to see how it works!

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (here too): Fresh has always been one of my favourite brands and I use A TON of their products. I find that when I try new products from other brands they break my skin, whereas with Fresh, anything I try works perfectly well for me. I just finished this moisturizer (which I highly recommend!) but instead of getting it again I decided to give this face cream a try, mainly because it says it prevents first signs of aging 😉 It’s been a week since I started using it and I absolutely LOVE it. I can definitely tell my skin looks more luminous so after I’m done with this I’ll probably get the night time version 🙂

Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Lip Balm in Perfect Pink (01): This lip balm has become my absolute fave and go-to lately because it has just a tiiiiiiiny bit of tint in the most perfect natural pink. Goes on super smooth, your lips look natural but healthy-looking and hydrated, and can we talk about the packaging?! I highly recommend this lip balm for those of you who like shades on the natural/nude/pink side 😉

Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto in White Shield (000): This balm has no tint at all and what I like about it is that you can either wear it alone or layer it on top of your lipstick to make it last longer. Has the same texture as the one mentioned above and it feels great on!