Life FIle: Weekend Reads and Finds

Happy weekend everyone, hope it’s off to a great start for all of you! Looks like winter has taken a turn and giving us some cold cold temps…but I guess we can’t complain because it’s been quite nice and warmer than usual. I have two delicious recipes to share next week and the following one that I’m sure you’ll love, so stay tuned for that! I’m also on “re-fresh” mode and feeling like giving a little lift and change to the decor around here, anyone else feeling like that too? I might make some changes, so stay tuned for that too 😉 Usual reads and finds below, enjoy your weekend!

. Apparently you can turn your iPhone and AirPods into a “spy” microphone
. 5 simple ways to declutter your life in the new year.
. Winter breakouts? You should probably wash your scarf!
. Want to transform your life? Stop chasing perfection.
. 4 powerful ways you can make yourself more resilient, now.
. How to stop overthinking everything, according to therapists.

. My cousin highly recommended me this entire line. She says she no longer wears makeup during the day except for some mascara because her skin is glowing. I’m so tempted to try!
. These are perfect for Spring (I’ll even dare to say Easter!)
. This looks super soft!
. These and these leggings will for sure up your activewear game!
. This top is giving me all the Summer feels!
. I love this brand! Wouldn’t these make the perfect go-with-everything weekend sneakers?
. How cute cute cute is this set?
. Get 40% off regular price items and extra 60% off all sale at Banana. The demi loafer is one of the most comfortable flats I own, same as their sneakers (like this one and this one) and I’ve been eyeing these (they run big just so you know!). If you’re looking for a classic sweater, you can’t go wrong with this one (comes in more than just one colour).
. Get extra 50% off all sale at J.Crew (I love this and just got this)
. Have you seen the latest from H&M home? So many great pieces! Love this, this, and this (just to name a few!)
. New from Madewell and absolutely loving: THIS.