Shopping File: 16 Winter Boots to Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry

With Winter in full effect I thought I should share a guide of the best winter boots to keep your feet dry and warm. What features do you look for when shopping for a great pair of winter boots? I personally give a great deal of importance to these factors: warmth, waterproof capabilities, style, and price, and one brand that in my opinion consistently delivers all those is Sorel.

My choice of Winter boots on a particular day is highly determined by the occasion and the weather. Lately I’ve been wearing these (here’s the current style that I also LOVE and wear frequently) non-stop! I find them incredibly comfortable and they’ve definitely passed the warmth test as the temperatures have been around -20C for the last few days and I’ve been walking around in them. If you’re looking for something a bit dressier and more versatile, you can’t go wrong with this style. I love that they introduced a lined version last year because even though the unlined ones certainly pass the waterproof and warmth test (those are the ones I own and absolutely love them), if you live in a place where the temperatures are extremely low or if your feet tend to get super cold, the shearling lining goes that extra mile in providing exactly what you need to stay warm.

Another great pair of booties I own that I highly recommend are these and even though they keep my feet warm and could not recommend them enough (they are not as big and chunky as most winter boots), after wearing these (definitely the best purchase!) I don’t reach for them very often because I prefer to keep things on the slimmer side.

Regardless of the brand or style you prefer to wear (Sorel is my go-to but Ugg, Sperry and The North Face make great boots too!), keep in mind that what makes the winter season more bearable is having proper clothes and footwear to face the elements, so I’d say that if you live in a city where the winter season is a strong one, investing in a good pair of boots that deliver warmth and versatility is the right thing to do 😉

1. Sorel Tivoli Boot | 2. Sorel Whitney Short Lace Boot | 3. Hunter Quilted Snow Boot | 4. Sorel Tivoli Winter Boot | 5. Sorel Out n About Plus Boot | 6. Sorel Caribou Boot | 7. Sorel Whitney Short Lace Boot | 8. Sorel Explorer Carnival Boots | 9. Ugg Waterproof Winter Bootie | 10. Sorel Caribou Boot | 11. Sorel Whistler Mid Boot | 12. The North Face Chilkat 400 Winter Boot | 13. La Canadienne Nicole Bootie | 14. Sorel Tivoli III Winter Boot | 15. Sorel Sneakchic Alpine Bootie | 16. Ugg Adirondack Bootie