Decor & Interiors File: Dining Room Updates

I feel like my decor has been slowly evolving and finally can say that I’m happy with how my dining looks. And even though I still feel like I need some help styling the shelves (you can’t see them clearly here), I’m incredibly happy with the current state and the changes I just made. Sometimes you can’t really see how wrong some pieces are until you change them, you know? I say this because even though I LOVED my old chairs, it was clear that they were not right for the room and they were taking a lot of space and making everything look and feel really tight (they were definitely not the best option). Now the space looks bigger, there’s more room (much needed in a small condo!) and more importantly, it feels proportional. Also, I’m head over heels for the new chairs. I had been wanting them for a long time so I’m incredibly happy that not only they fit perfectly but they are way more comfortable than the old ones (I love sitting on them and can do it for hours without feeling restless). Trust me when I say that they are AMAZING and if you’re looking for some affordable chairs, you should definitely consider them 😉

Now, along with getting new chairs, I also got a new rug and moved the one I had here (this one) to the living, which turned out to be a great idea because I absolutely love how it feels now. Other than adding some new pillows (been looking at something like this) and maaaaybe updating the art, I’m very happy with how the dining and living room look right now, and I was thrilled to hear from my friend Jenny, who recently came over for dinner, that this is the best my place has ever looked 🙂

I have to say, it feels really good when you finally see your place come along together and when you feel 100% comfortable in it. It does so much to your mood, especially when is the environment where you spend most of your time, you know? Also, I learned that no matter how much you like a particular piece you need to shop according to your space and you should not force items only because you like them. If things are not proportional to the space available they will end up looking odd and as they don’t belong.

Below you’ll see some pics I just took and a comparison with the “before”, essentially a change of chairs and rug 😉

Before: Ikea chairs (no longer available, these are similar in case you’re interested) and West Elm Rug – After: Structube Hayden Chairs and Navi Rug

In case you’re curious, the pendant is this one, art is from Minted (find them here and here), round plate is from Structube (just $19). And if you want to see more of the before, here’s a post with tons of photos 😉